Q?Should I construct my deck from Hardwood or Treated Pine? A:Either is acceptable.

By law Grade 1 or 2 timber must be used outdoors. (Hardwoods)
Or adequately treated timbers (Softwoods)
Hardwood has a proven history as a building product that not only looks great but will stand the test of time in its serviceability ie non twisting properties.
Treated Pine however is a relatively new product 35 years or so and is treated against rot and insect attack and susceptible to expansion/contraction/twisting/cupping and bowing
See Link www.timber.net.au

Q?How long will my deck last? A:Timber decks are highly durable.

Grade 1 timbers have a life expectancy of 20 to 25 years
Grade 2 timbers 15 to 20 years. These ratings are based on the timber being unprotected and in contact with the ground.
Treated Pine has a Grade 2 rating.
Timber Gradings are an Australian Standard (AS1604)
See Link www.timber.net.au

Q?Does my deck need maintenance? A:It’s up to you.

Some people prefer not to coat their hardwood deck and let the timber take on that natural look which will result in a silver appearance over time. Alternatively the deck can be stained or oiled which will enhance the natural colours in the timber. Painting with a water based paint is not recommended as this can shorten the decks life.A yearly cleaning of your deck with a stiff broom or high pressure water cleaner is also recommended
Treated pine decks must be sealed against the elements as pine is a softwood and and therefore susceptible to moisture expansion and contraction. Mould can also be a problem.

Q?Are decks slippery when wet? A: A clean deck is not slippery when wet.

This could be the fault of algae, lichens, moss etc .
Treated pine decks are suseptible to this as they are softwood and porous.
Some companies use treated pine with the ribbing facing up as a non slip surface this is in fact fixing the boards upside down and encourages the mould to grow in these grooves which can not only be dangerous but unsightly.

Q?Is there a price difference between hardwood and softwood? A: Yes

Hardwood decks can be both dearer and cheaper it depends on who you are dealing with, as is the case with any product on the market, there are cost differences. We recommend you obtain 3 quotes so you can make a comparison and always keeping in mind to compare apples with apples.

In our time in the building industry many questions have been put to us re timber decks and we do our utmost to answer your questions to the best of our ability with the product information from the manufacturers of the products we use and on the job experience of how our products upstand over time. Please feel free to ask us to address any further questions you have.