Four Advantages of Having a Pool Decking Installed

Whether you have an existing pool or you’re designing a brand new one, one thing you need to consider is what materials you’ll use for the space around it. Concrete and paving are two options to consider, but they do come with some issues. Having a brand new, purpose built, decking around your pool has many advantages for you, your family and your guests.

  1. Compliments The Pool

Having a beautifully complimenting decking built for your pool can bring out the shades and tones of the water and make your pool area look absolutely divine. With the right choice of colours and stains you can rest assuredthat you’ll have an outdoor entertaining and pool area that will be the envy of your friends.

  1. Less Water Build Up

If you have a pool then there’s bound to be some excess water that will end up on the surfaces surrounding the pool, be it from splashes or just entering and existing the pool. Due to the spaces between the slates of the decking, the water has room to escape which means less water remains on the surface.

  1. Safer Than Concrete Or Paved

With a concrete or a paved surface around the water does not escape in this same way. This means a build-up of puddles which can make for slippery surfaces. This can then cause a fall and be dangerous, especially with young children, around the pool. With a decking this is far less of an issue.

  1. Creates Lounging Areac

A decking creates a perfect place to lounge around your pool and also allows for a comfortable space for parents to keep an eye on kids while they’re in the pool. The decking won’t heat up like a concrete or paved surface so it serves for a far more comfortable way to lounge by the pool.

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