Dark or Light Timber Decking? Complimenting Colours.

You have made the decision to build a decking for your home, how exciting! But have you thought about the colours you would like to use?

When deciding on colours for your new decking, there are a few factors that come in to play. The colours and materials of your home will depend heavily on the best colour for your decking. You should make sure the shade you choose will compliment your home so that the decking fits seamlessly and looks as though it was made for the space.

What colour is your home? What are the accent colours? Is your home brick, weatherboard or rendered?If your home is dark brick, choosing a light ‘sand’ colour for your decking isn’t going to be the most logical option. You may choose instead to go with a darker stained timber so that the decking doesn’t look disjointed.

Other factors to consider are things like the landscaping of your yard. What colour are your flowers, plants, garden ornaments and water features? Look at the colours used in the paving work around your home such as pathways and driveways and consider any fencing and pergolas around the home as well. All these factors will affect the choice of timber decking material, the colour of stains or weather proof paints that you choose to go with.

Some people choose to select matching colours, other people chose to go with colours that contrast with the main colours but flow with the feature or ‘accent’ shades.

Your new decking should follow the theme throughout your house and yard; doing so will yield beautiful results that you will admire for many years to come.

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